Our Culture

Our culture is the result of the business we conceptualize, plan and do. It all begins with our understanding of the world of capital markets.

At the heart of Redeye our desire is to help innovative and technology rich businesses accelerate their growth. We believe that the ultimate destiny of a company is determined by the calibre of management and ownership. This is exactly why we are in the capital markets - to match our clients’ long-term strategy to funds and people where we believe there is a strong fit. Hence, Redeye aspires to be the protagonist of economic vitality and the cradle of successful businesses that will create a better tomorrow. The way the stock market once was intended to work.

...not as a venue for trading stocks - pieces of paper endlessly traded back and forth, but as a venue to purchase small pieces of businesses with the power to grow their value over time.

To achieve this we need to be an organisation that is driven way beyond just having a job. So we are energised by people who are driven by their inner desire to understand today’s world in order to help reshape it tomorrow.
Redeye as an organisation is more of a nexus than a fortress. We create a platform where analysts, advisors, clients and investors all benefit from the exchange of insights in a symbiotic relationship. This leads us to another VERY important matter - integrity and respect. Our advice would be worthless unless it was based on reality and realisation and a total respect for all parties involved in any transaction.