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In this section you find basic facts, legal information and documents governing our operations. Our ambition is always put our clients first.

Legal structure

Corporate Structure

Redeye AB, which is authorised and regulated by the FSA and categorised as investment firm, is 100 percent owned by Redhold AB.
Redhold AB is solely acting as an owner and has no operations. The companies are considered a financial group and has identical boards and CEO.

Redhold AB

Redeye AB

Mäster Samuelsgatan 42,
Box 7141,
103 87 Stockholm,

Finansinspektionen is Sweden's financial supervisory authority, FSA. The swedish FSA authorise, supervise and monitor all companies operating in Swedish financial markets.

Regulatory Permissions

Redeye AB, as an investment firm regulated by FSA, carry out its operations under the following permissions.

  • Date of permission 2007-11-01 Reception and transmission of orders concerning financial instruments
  • Date of permission 2007-11-01 Investment advice to clients regarding financial instruments.
  • Date of permission 2008-03-13 Develop, disseminate financial analysis / recommendations for trading in financial instruments.
  • Date of permission 2011-04-12 Execution of orders relating to financial instruments on behalf of clients.
  • Date of permission 2011-04-12 Placing of financial instruments without a firm commitment.
  • Date of permission 2011-04-12 Advice for businesses as well as perform services on mergers and acquisitions.
  • Date of permission 2011-04-12 Perform services in connection with the underwriting of financial instruments.*
  • Conducting Certified Advisory Activities (side state).


Management Team

  • Lars T Andersson
  • Magnus Cevung
  • Björn Fahlén, CEO
  • Erik Kramming
  • Leyla Ekenkrantz
  • Tomas Otterbeck

Board of directors

  • Lars T Andersson, Chairman
  • Björn Fahlén
  • Mikael Lönn
  • Monika Hagman
  • Kjell Duveblad
  • Sebastian Broms

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Compliance Officer

  • Åsa Leander Skålén, Realjuridik

Complaints shall be directed to

  • Redeye's Compliance Officer

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  • Martin Welén, PwC